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Are you suffering from skin problem such as dermatitis or eczema?

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Try our Purest Soaps made with Natural Oils!

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Dermatitis is caused by an inflammation of the skin. Symptoms include redness, dryness, itching, swelling, cracking, blistering, flaking and bleeding. There are two types of dermatitis: irritant dermatitis and allergic dermatitis. These have the same appearance but different causes.

Irritant dermatitis can be caused by a physical or chemical agent that damages the cells. Irritant dermatitis makes the skin more vulnerable to other hazards such as bacteria and chemicals. When there’s no more contact with what’s causing the irritation, the condition stops.

Causes of irritant dermatitis include cleaning products, organic solvents, metalworking fluids, cement and other chemicals, some plants and shrubs, and water.


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Touch Nature handmade soap is free of SLES, SLS, harmful chemicals and Parabens.

We produce high quality Aromatherapy & Ayurvedic Natural Handmade Soaps and Aromatherapy Candles. We use the best ingredients and make each piece of soap and candle to perfection. Each product is done with a lot of love and effort. 


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Excellent Service

We provide fast, efficient and friendly service to our customers. We deliver our goods all over India. For purchase above 499 INR, we deliver your order for FREE! 

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Touch Nature is established in Nepal since 2001 to provide jobs to single mothers and care for their children. In 2012, Touch Nature is set up in Kolkata, India to provide jobs for the marginalized, oppressed and abused. For companies or hotels who want to be involved in CSR, please consider partnering with us. To know more about our social mission, click here.

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